A new depth , a greater insight

Upskilling and Reskilling is a continuous and inevitable process in today's world for a better future of an individual.

About Us

Banyantreelearning.com is a leading EdTech platform committed on providing cutting edge upskilling programs, virtual work experience and integrated job readiness programs for engineering graduates and working professionals to impart 21st century skills. We are focused at bridging the gap between the academia and Industry which will prepare our workforce to meet the ever-growing skill requirement as per the changing landscape in the field of engineering and technology.

Our Core Values


We believe that the path to competency is through engagement. We engage our professionals in several innovative ways to enhance their learning experience. We engage closely with our clients and professionals to understand their needs and deliver services unmatched in quality.


We believe that every problem should be dealt with the same dedication and honesty. We ensure that utmost dedication and effort is put towards every project that we undertake.


It would not be wrong to say that ‘excellence is our essence’. We believe in delivering the highest quality in every project that we undertake.


We respect the perspective of our team members, and sharing knowledge and ideas is the key to building Team Manship in our organization.


To churn out industry-ready and competent engineers for the core engineering fields by training them in the right skillsets and preparing them for challenges of the future, in the core engineering industry
To promote a whole new approach of concept building through interactive learning and practical insight, in the core engineering training arena.
To provide innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems by engaging the right brains and engineering professionals.


To bridge the gap between academia and industry, and transform the core engineering landscape, by increasing employability of young engineers, by training them with the right skillsets and enhancing their learning experience through a hands-on training approach with practical insight.